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2017 Hyundai Tucson Release

2017 Hyundai Tucson release

Arriving just a year after the 2016 model received a complete makeover, the 2017 Hyundai Tucson is expected to carry over basically unchanged. The third generation of this Hyundai compact crossover SUV came with a bevy of new features that make it a worthy competitor to the likes of the Ford Escape, Toyota RAV4 and Honda CR-V. Not only does it feature a much more inspiring exterior styling, it also boasts some of the most advanced technological systems. Bearing in mind the fact that the all-new Tucson starts under $24,000, it’s no wonder that many see this five-passenger ute as one of the most appealing options in this segment.

2017 Dodge Durango SRT High-performance Version

2017 Dodge Durango SRT release

Rumor has it that Dodge plans to launch an SRT version of the well-known Durango SUV. Namely, Fiat Chrysler aims to give this model an SRT treatment similar to the one featured by the highly successful Jeep Grand Cherokee. Instead of investing huge amounts into redesigning the existing models, it seems that the company’s strategy now relies on the less costly upgrades. So, the 2017 Dodge Durango SRT is expected to adopt a mighty 6.4-liter Hemi engine that already powers the Grand Cherokee SRT. With this new powerful unit under its hood, the performance-oriented Durango should rival the European competitors when it comes to the driving experience. 

2017 Cadillac Escalade V High-performance version

2017 Cadillac Escalade V release

According to recent rumors, it appears that Cadillac plans to launch a high-performance V version of the Escalade SUV for the 2017 model year. The 2017 Cadillac Escalade V will reportedly make its debut at the 2016 New York Auto Show. Cadillac’s decision may not come as a surprise bearing in mind the list of recent newcomers to the luxury SUV segment. Namely, some of the most prestigious brands such as Bentley, Rolls-Royce, Lamborghini and Maserati have either entered the race or plan to do so in the forthcoming years.

2017 Honda Pilot Release and Redesign

2017 Honda Pilot Release

The 2017 Honda Pilot will arrive only a year after the whole new generation of the popular SUV made its debut. In that regard, expect no dramatic changes from this model. The only exceptions could come in the form of several subtle tweaks. Anyway, the third-generation Pilot offers a sleeker shape and slightly smaller proportions compared to its predecessor. It also comes with a large number of advanced systems that make it one of the most competitive models in this crowded segments. After the latest overhaul, the Honda Pilot can easily rival the likes of the Toyota Highlander, Ford Explorer and Nissan Patfhinder.

2017 Audi Q2

2017 Audi Q2

Audi’s smallest crossover is scheduled to make its debut at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show. Encouraged by the success of the Q3 SUV, the German automaker decided to give a go-ahead to an even smaller crossover SUV. Although it was previously believed that the all-new model will adopt the Q1 moniker, the company has recently announced that it’s definitely going to be sold under the Q2 nameplate. The 2017 Audi Q2 is expected to join Audi’s quite successful SUV lineup that already includes the Q3, Q5 and Q7 models.

2017 BMW X5 Redesign

2017 BMW X5

The 2017 BMW X5 will arrive just in time to receive a mid-cycle update. As you probably know, the third generation of this mid-size crossover made its debut for the 2013 MY and it’s currently one of the top models in this segment. So, expect to see a number of cosmetic changes as well as several new features to join the list of standard equipment.

2017 Chevrolet Suburban Refreshed Release

2017 Chevrolet Suburban Release

The twelfth generation of the renowned Chevy Suburban arrived only a year ago as a 2015 model. This unique full-size SUV came with a new chassis, an overhauled cabin and a completely redesigned exterior styling. Now, the 2017 Chevrolet Suburban is due to receive several minor upgrades. We expect to see a few exterior tweaks as well as reshuffled equipment packages joined by the latest safety features.

2017 Mitsubishi Pajero New Generation

New Mitsubishi Pajero 2017

The 2017 Mitsubishi Pajero, also known as the Shogun and Montero depending on the market, is expected to make its debut as a completely redesigned model by the end of 2016. The current iteration of the capable off-roader has been around since 2000, retaining its recognizable shape without any drastic changes. One of the most notable innovations expected from the all-new Pajero is the debut of its plug-in hybrid version.

2017 Mini Countryman Release Date

2017 Mini Countryman release date

Mini is currently developing the next-generation Countryman as part of the company’s plan to launch five all-new models in the next few years. Thanks to some spy shots of a test mule caught in Germany, we now know that the 2017 Mini Countryman will be larger and more akin to a proper crossover SUV. The 2017 Mini Countryman is most likely to make its debut in late 2016, with sales starting sometime in early 2017.

2019 Audi Q8 All New Model

Audi has finally confirmed that the long-awaited Q8 is scheduled to arrive for the 2019 model year. This brand new model will actually come as Audi’s response to the BMW and Mercedes-Benz coupe-like crossovers. The 2019 Audi Q8 will be a sleeker version of the latest Q7 seven-seat SUV. It’s interesting to note that the upcoming Q8 will make its debut a decade after the segment was basically invented by the BMW X6.