2016 Jeep Cherokee Diesel Engine

The FCA group’s Jeep company has invested considerable amounts into improving the model lineup lately. More precisely, several models have come with improved fuel economy and reduced CO2 emissions. The most recent innovations come with the 2016 Jeep Cherokee SUV that is about to adopt a new enhanced engine. Similar to the largest Jeep’s model the Grand Cherokee, the Cherokee is renowned for its class-leading engine lineup. Now, the 2016 Jeep Cherokee will go one step further by introducing a whole new 2.2-liter Multijet II diesel unit.

2016 Jeep Cherokee Specs

The model featuring this new powertrain is aimed at the European market. Thus far, the Cherokee diesel-powered models have been sold quite successfully across Europe. All of these dependable and efficient engines meet the Euro 6 standards. As for the new 2.2-liter Multijet II diesel, it will be offered in 185 horsepower and 200 horsepower variants. Both versions develop 440 Nm of torque, matched to a 9-speed automatic transmission. Compared to the outgoing unit, it is a 25% increase in torque numbers, while the new engine features lower CO2 emissions and better fuel economy.

The 185 horsepower version needs 8.8 seconds to go from 0 to 100 km/h, with the top speed of 201 km/h. Its fuel economy is estimated at 5.7 l/100km, while the CO2 emissions are rated at 150 g/km. As for the more powerful engine, it makes 200 hp at 3,500 rpm and 440 Nm of torque at 2,500 rpm. It accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 8.5 seconds, whereas its top speed is 204 km/h. The fuel economy is estimated at 5.7 l/100km and CO2 emissions at 150 g/km.

2016 Jeep Cherokee Diesel

Alongside the new diesel option, the 2016 Jeep Cherokee offers another great diesel engine. It is the 2.0-liter multijet II turbo-diesel unit that generates 140 horsepower and 350 Nm of torque at 1,750 rpm.

On the US market, the 2016 Jeep Cherokee will be available with three outstanding gasoline engines. These are the 2.4-liter I4 MultiAir, 2.4-liter I4 PZEV MultiAir as well as the 3.2-liter V6 24-valve VVT engine with start/stop system. All of the powertrains come paired with a 9-speed automatic transmission. The 2016 Jeep Cherokee in all trim levels will be offered with both FWD and AWD.

2016 Jeep Cherokee Price

Depending on the trim level, the pricing ranges between $23,000 and $30,300. The 2016 Jeep Cherokee in the Sport variant starts at $23,000 with FWD and $25,000 with AWD, while the Latitude model costs $24,900 with FWD and $26,900 with AWD. The 2016 Cherokee Altitude FWD costs $25,500, whereas the AWD version is priced at $27,500. The range-topping Limited model starts at $28,800 with FWD and $30,800 with AWD. Finally, the 2016 Cherokee Trailhawk AWD is available for $30,300.

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