2016 Mitsubishi Montero USA Price

Mitsubishi has recently revealed its plans for the upcoming premieres on various markets. What caught the attention of the US buyers was the announced return of the Montero SUV to North America. The 2016 Mitsubishi Montero is expected to hit the US showrooms in late 2015 or early 2016. Rumor has it that the base model should start around $50,000.

2016 Mitsubishi Montero USA

The Japanese automaker discontinued the Montero on the American market back in 2006. So, the new model of the famous SUV will be offered in the US after almost a decade now. Needless to say, it is due to receive substantial changes and its nameplate will basically be the only thing that bonds the new model with its predecessor. Thanks to significant improvements of the vehicle’s design and technology, the 2016 Montero will come as an all-new model. What sets it apart from the competition is the new, sophisticated exterior styling. On the other hand, it doesn’t mean that Mitsubishi compromised the Montero’s excellent off-road performance.

2016 Mitsubishi Montero Changes and Specs

Although the 2016 Montero will be built from scratch, Mitsubishi made sure that the new model retains most of its positive heritage. In essence, the new Montero is supposed to combine the spaciousness and comfortability with outstanding off-road capabilities. The 2016 Mitsubishi Montero is expected to outdo all of its predecessors when it comes to quality and power.

The most important changes will be visible on the outside of the new model. It differs from the previous generation at first glance due to its much more sophisticated look. In a nutshell, it uses modern design, premium-quality materials and great aerodoynamics to become one of the most relevant choices in the segment. Thanks to light but sturdy components, it comes with a significant weight reduction. In turn, reduced curb weight enhances fuel efficiency and off-road performance.

2016 Mitsubishi Montero specs

It’s no different inside the new Montero. A plethora of luxurious elements makes its interior one of the most comfortable currently on the market. It also comes as a great choice for family-oriented buyers due to its spacious cabin. The 2016 Mitsubishi Montero boasts a dashboard filled with switches and gadgets that make the long journeys more comfortable. In comparison with its predecessors, the 2016 Montero is technologically much more modern and advanced.

The upcoming Montero will be offered with a choice of three different powerplants. Besides the gasoline- and diesel-powered units, it should be available as a Plug-in Hybrid as well. The hybrid system will consist of a 2.0-liter four-cylinder and a 60-kilowatt electric motor connected with a lightweight lithium-ion battery. Mitsubishi believes that their formula should make the 2016 Montero highly competitive in this relentless segment.

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