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2018 Subaru Seven Seater will be Tribeca Replacement

2018 Subaru Seven Seater SUV

Exclusively designed for the US market, the replacement Tribeca SUV, will appear as a seven seater SUV for the 2018 model year. The market in Japan has received only his representative as a 2017 Subaru Exiga SUV. This model does not meet the needs of the US market. The company say that the Tribeca successor will have nothing in common with the Exiga model. As for Europe, the customer is offered a 2017 Subaru Levorg Sport Tourer. The all-new model, without much in common with other models is Subaru SUV lineup, has not received the official name. Approved its production, and its development is in progress. For now it is talked about as a 2018 Subaru Seven Seater SUV.

2017 VW Tiguan XL New Tiguan Family Member

2017 VW Tiguan XL

Original 5-seat version Volkswagen Tiguan SUV is offered by three new versions of this model in the second generation of existence. The biggest sales results this model is recorded on the Canadian market. Its new versions are intended primarily to China and North American continent. Unlike the members of the new Tiguan family, the original 2017 VW Tiguan will not leave its native Europe. 2017 VW Tiguan XL, together with the 2017 VW Tiguan CC and the 2017 VW Tiguan Hybrid form new sub-brand, which will be available already in 2017. The hybrid version of the Tiguan SUV debuted in Frankfurt. The other two models will be introduced soon. Without much pussyfoot, the company has provided the basic information on both vehicles.

2018 Ford Bronco Confirmed

2018 Ford Bronco confirmed

The company Ford has planned over the next four years, to offer four new models the US market. Not entirely new, because each of these three has known part of history exactly there. First, the expected emergence of Ford Ranger model during 2017. The following year Ford EcoSport will try to transfer the success of Europe and India and the US. The third model is the long-awaited production version of the concept from 2004. Thus, this is 2018 Ford Bronco. Some reports mentioned the year 2020. However, the deadline for reaching the goal, is that last year. What is the fourth model? According to all indications, it is a model that will supplement the luxury division Lincoln SUV brand, and it is the least known.

2017 Jeep Patriot C-segment SUV Release

2017 Jeep Patriot new C-segment SUV

The all-new C-segment model, in the Jeep SUV lineup will replace of previous Compass and Patriot models. The final decision on the name of the new model has not yet been made. In some circles, this new model called Compass model. On the other hand, more of those who are hoping for soon presenting 2017 Jeep Patriot model. The company this big debut scheduled for the Auto Show in the New York in March 2016. The journalists at the Detroit Auto Show used the presence of Mike Manley, to get some other information regarding the coming of the new model. New Jeep crossover SUV will hereinafter be referred to as the 2017 Jeep Patriot. Does this name will prevail in relation to the Compass, we must wait to see.

2017 Nissan Patrol Nismo

2017 Nissan Patrol Nismo

Currently on the market is the sixth generation Nissan Patrol model. Except that in October 2015 presented its Nismo version, 2017 Nissan Patrol will not offer much of a different and new. Lately, often we come across the name of Patrol, but in another context. The new generation 2017 Nissan Armada, the company is based on Patrol SUV and the Infiniti QX80 model. In addition it has done that the company’s model has very handsome design, this full-size SUV should fight for itself. 428 horsepower is just the beginning.

2018 Ford EcoSport Release 2017 in USA

2018 Ford EcoSport will be very different from the previous model. Thus, all those who are still not familiar with the future plans of the company Ford, now is the time for it! EcoSport SUV for the 2018 model year will be offered to the most prestigious USA market. This subcompact crossover had competition in India and Europe too. However, according to some, not so harmless competitors as the Honda HR-V, Subaru XV Crosstrek, Jeep Renegade have their advantages. First, it was expected that the 2018 Ford EcoSport enter the US market without significant change. It turns out that Ford needs to adapt some segments of a different desires and needs.

2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee Hellcat Arrives 2017

2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee Hellcat

A completely new generation of Jeep Grand Cherokee SUV is expected for 2019 model year. While the customer is not available an entirely new model, Jeep decided to offer some interesting special editions. On the occasion of its anniversary, Jeep Grand Cherokee will offer 75th Anniversary. In addition to this version is announced and sports, a super version of the 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee Hellcat, which will be available in the second half of 2017.

2017 Mazda CX-4 New Crossover

New Mazda Crossover

By all indications Mazda will expand the offering in the growing crossover SUV segment. It was clear when the company presented Koeru Concept, in Frankfurt 2015. After that appeared photos of the future production model. Rumors and unofficial information indicate that this is a 2017 Mazda CX-4, which will take place between the CX-3 and CX-5 SUV models. The published photos and recordings of the new CX-4 indicate high similarity with Koeru Concept model. For now, no official confirmation about the new Mazda crossover, but it is certain that Mazda is preparing a novelty.

2017 GMC Granite Release Date

General Motors has a serious intention to be one of the leaders in the crossover SUV segment. In was announced improvement of a large number of existing models in this segment. General Motors is preparing several new models, which will expand the supply and improve sales. 2017 GMC Granite is one of the company’s new crossover, which will be available by the end of 2016.

2018 Cadillac XT4 The Smallest Cadillac SUV

2018 Cadillac XT4

After the SRX crossover was replaced renewed XT5 model, and after the Cadillac announced the arrival of a new generation of “flagship” Escalade SUV, the company announced the expansion plan, offer in the crossover SUV segment. The first of the new models in the mentioned segment will be a 2018 Cadillac XT4. This compact crossover Cadillac, should appear in showrooms at the beginning of 2018. XT4 will be, for now, the smallest Cadillac SUV, and its premiere is expected at the 2017 NAIAS in Detroit.