2017 Audi SQ7 TDI Release Date

Currently the most powerful SUV equipped with a diesel engine comes from Audi SUV lineup. Of course, many of you already acquainted with the fact that this is the 2017 Audi SQ7 TDI . The scandal, in which he was involved and this automotive manufacturer, was quickly forgotten. The emission of harmful gases of diesel engines is somehow brought to an acceptable level. Audi announces start of production and sales of 2017 Audi SQ7 SUV  already this spring in Europe. As for the US market, Audi states that this engine as well as a complete model completely legal and can be expected in the US until the end of 2016.

2017 Audi SQ7 TDI Engine Specification

The success of the Audi scored using EPC- electrical compressor, caused a lot of excitement. Maybe they being hasty with the statement that the turbo lag history. With a large dose of skepticism has accepted information on the average fuel consumption of this model. Even that is not entirely accurate, and that the real world will be higher, savings is visible at all levels.

2017 Audi SQ7 is currently the lightest model in its class. A complete redesign of this SUV, its weight down to a minimum. From the moment of occurrence, Q7 SUV going through a phase of constant change. However, the biggest objections market still has , on his too much  dicey design. The last part is almost at all does not correspond to the front of the vehicle. Given that the range-topping model, stylistic changes were more than expected. However, they will have to wait.


2017 Audi SQ7 brings revolutionary engine combined with a 8-speed automatic transmission. 4.0 L V8 TDI engine possesses 435 hp and 900 Nm of torque. From 0 to 100 km/h the SUV accelerates in 4.8 seconds. The maximum speed is limited to 250 km/h. For now there is only one piece of information the average fuel consumption, and it is 7.4 l per 100 km.

Audi was able to pull the maximum power of the engine thanks to EPC. This compressor requires electrical power supply system for itself. Compressor power is 7 kW, and is supported by the electrical system of 48 volts and lithium ion batteries located in the trunk. EPC, the new 2017 Audi SQ7 TDI , most offers at low revs. It is so strong that when the vehicle changes the classic turbine and allows the shaft to turn even 70,000 times per minute.

2017 SQ7 Features and Price

These figures somehow confusing. How much is actually this SUV fast and are capable of everything, some might to estimate only after a test drive. Many will admire the Audi achievements from a certain distance. In addition to the engine and EPC, 2017 SQ7 TDI possesses some other luxury elements. These are: LED headlights, 20-inch wheels, new bumpers, door trim strips, suspension with S-specific tuning, electrically adjustable sport seats, heated seats, upholster in Alcantara and leather, shift paddles, multi-functional steering wheel. Price of the model has not yet been officially confirmed. The indicative price is 89,900 euros in Germany, which means that the US market is very closer to six figures number. Price in dollars would be about 98.500.

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