2017 Ford CUV Based on C-MAX MPV

Every automobile manufacturer nowadays strive to only once. That can offer as many SUVs, and thus provide a safe profit. In the last two years, almost every brand has extended its offer of at least one new SUV model. But some are not stopped here. Long ago sketched drawings hatchbacks on steroids greatly entered the production process. Therefore, it is is searching for a new solution. Ford was inspired to found a new SUV in the existing MPV model. 2017 Ford CUV, as German journalists call, is a model based on the C-MAX and Grand C-MAX MPV.

2017 Ford CUV, which stands for Coupe Utility Vehicle, we can expect the market as early as next year. By the end of 2016, this model could be shown in concept form. It also could be chosen and meaningful name. Consequently, which will be based on the existing MPV model, large enterprise design on this project will not be. From the point of view of engineering, many more new Ford CUV will have in common with this model.

2017 Ford CUV based on Grand C-MAX

2017 Ford CUV Design and Specs

New 2017 Ford CUV will maintain the current proportions of the Ford C-MAX and Grand C-MAX. First mentioned wheelbase of the the current Grand C-MAX. It is 279 cm, and so it might be and with a new vehicle. Length of 455 cm, also fits. The vehicle of this size, but with the top down, ti. coupe like design will meet all the standards that have been set up SUV models.

Information about the new member, the large Ford family, for now there are very few. It is assumed that the Ford CUV 2017 will be offered with front-wheel drive or all-wheel as an option. In addition to the engine that could be taken from the current C-MAX models, it is expected that the plug-in hybrid version of the vehicle. C-MAX based CUV will be offered only as a vehicle with two rows of seats. More information could be soon, since the Auto Bild this model has been announced for 2017.

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