2017 Ford Kuga Facelift

Known for its popular medium sized SUVs, Ford has introduced the new 2017 Ford Kuga to the market with new features and improvements. Both the interior and exterior of the car spell luxury as they have been manufactured with the highest quality of ingredients available. The new model has a width of 72.4 inches and a stretch of about 183 inches. The car has an acceptable ground clearance of 200 mm, as is to be expected with a car of its size. It is available in three trims namely the Titanium, Trend and Ambiente. It has five doors and will include allow wheels whose inches will be dependent on the trim level. Manufacturers have designed the hood of the car to appear more rounded, with a narrow grille accentuated with chrome, which gives the car a luxurious aesthetic. Both the front and rear bumpers will have similar colors with the front rear boasting automatic LED headlights.

Since 2017 Ford Kuga/Escape was designed to be a family car, Ford made sure that the interior features have a perfect balance of comfort and luxury. The interior features adjustable leather upholstery with ample room for head and leg room. Additionally, the spacious interior can accommodate about five passengers with enough room left for luggage and cargo. The entertainment center is state of the art to include a new version of the console, Bluetooth connectivity, Wi-Fi hotspot, HD Radio, rearview cameras, traction control and parking assist.

2017 Ford Kuga

2017 Ford Kuga Engine

The base variant of the hood will feature a 1.6 turbocharged cylinder with an Ecoboost engine that can produce 147 hp and 177 lb of torque. Ford has also stated that it will also include a new engine, however, the features are still under development. The engines will incorporate an auto start/stop feature. The diesel engine of the new model will be a 2.o L engine with the capability to generate 161 hp and 251 lb of torque. The joint fuel economy of the diesel engine is expected to be 37 mpg, while the Ecoboost cylinder is expected to generate a fuel economy of about 35 mpg.

2017 Ford Kuga Price and Release Date

The estimated price of the 2017 Kuga is expected to retail between $25-29,000, with the price increasing for models with higher levels of trim. The most expensive trim level will be the titanium with the retail price being as pricey as $47,000. The new model is anticipated to be available for purchase in the early months of 2016.

As the New Year unfolds, it is a marvel to observe how far the automobile industry has come in regards to technological turnover and evolution in car designs. As soon as one model is introduced to the market, the launch of another one occurs. This barely gives car lovers time to enjoy the previous model. The rate of competition between manufacturers is so high that no one can predict the features of future models. In any case, reinvention is always welcome in the industry, much to the joy and satisfaction of car enthusiasts in all parts of the world.

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