2017 Lincoln Navigator New generation of the luxury SUV

The current Lincoln Navigator belongs to the luxury SUV segment but its design is mostly viewed as outdated. Recently updated 2015 model is simply not able to cope with its premium competition on the US market. Other full-size SUVs have been significantly enhanced lately in order to retain their market shares amid this relentless race. That said, it’s no wonder that the American automaker is currently developing the redesigned 2017 Lincoln Navigator. It is set to arrive in 2016 with a large number of exterior and interior changes. The company’s plan is to try to restore some of the Navigator’s former glory by transforming it into a sleek modern full-size SUV. The upcoming Navigator will mark the beginning of a brand new generation of this vehicle.

2017 Lincoln Navigator Redesign

The Lincoln Motor Company is a Ford’s brand that sells luxury vehicles.  So, Lincoln naturally relies on Ford’s latest technical innovations and applies it in the new models. Ford’s decision to base the new models on an aluminum platform came as quite of a surprise to many. The first vehicle to adopt the new lightweight chassis was non other than the iconic F-150 model. The move turned out to be hugely successful. Thanks to the use of aluminum, the vehicle’s curb weight was significantly reduced thus boosting its performance. At the same time, its sturdiness and capabilities weren’t compromised at all. The same formula will be applied when it comes to the new 2017 Lincoln Navigator. The new aluminum chassis is expected to reduce its curb weight by around 700 pounds. That will make the upcoming Navigator much more efficient compared to the outgoing model.

2017 Lincoln Navigator redesign

The Navigator’s lightweight construction will follow some other enhancements focused on improving its fuel economy. Namely, the 2015 model came with a new 3.5-liter V6 EcoBoost engine that replaced the old V8 unit. The brand new powertrain improved the fuel economy numbers noticeably, while providing excellent performance at the same time. As for the 2017 Navigator, it is most likely to gain the same EcoBoost engine. It has also been rumored that the 2017 Lincoln Navigator might be offered as a plug-in hybrid as well. The hybrid system should consist of the aforementioned EcoBoost engine combined with an electric motor. In addition to that, we might see a brand new 10-speed automatic transmission inside the new Navigator.

As soon as it arrives on the market, the 2017 Lincoln Navigator will face a difficult challenge. It will have a formidable competition in the form of the new Cadillac Escalade, Range Rover, new-generation Mercedes-Benz GL-Class, as well as the all-new BMW X7 SUV. Surely, the upcoming Navigator will have lots of upsides to offer, such as the new styling, lightweight body and enhanced performance. It remains to be seen which one of these outstanding vehicles will prove itself as the most appealing to the buyers.

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