2017 Mazda Koeru Release Date

The first teaser images of the Mazda Koeru concept model appeared during the summer of 2015. Apart from a few photos, there were virtually no other information on this project. Finally, at the recent 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show, Mazda made an official presentation of the concept. The 2017 Mazda Koeru is expected to hit the market as the production-ready version sometime in 2017.

The aforementioned concept actually came as a preview of the future Mazda’s crossover coupe. It remains to be seen whether the model will go on sale as the 2017 Mazda Koeru or the company has another nameplate in store for it. Rumor has it that the Koeru is more likely to adopt the CX moniker just like the rest of Mazda’s crossover SUV lineup. The same sources suggest that this model is intended to replace the current generation of the CX-7 and arrive as the 2017 Mazda CX-7. Let us remind you that the Mazda CX-7 hasn’t been available for several years now. However, other reports hint at the possibility that the aforementioned concept could retain its Koeru nameplate. In that case, the 2017 Mazda Koeru might arrive as a completely separate and unique model in Mazda’s family.

2017 Mazda Koeru release

2017 Mazda Koeru Specs

The very name „Koeru“ might be pointing at the future of the famous brand. Namely, the word „Koeru“ is Japanese for „go beyond“ or „exceed“, which could be announcing Mazda’s intention to raise the bar when it comes to design, performance and efficiency. The arrival of this model could be interpreted as the beginning of a new era of this well-known car manufacturer.
In case it retains the concept model’s dimensions, the 2017 Mazda Koeru will feature 460 cm in length, 190 cm in width and 150 cm in height. It will be another Mazda’s model inspired by the new KODO design philosophy. Of course, the Koeru concept came with the tried and tested Skyactiv technology.

As for the exterior styling, the upcoming model is immediately recognizable thanks to its KODO design language. Its front end is aggressively shaped, while the low roofline slopes toward the short rear overhang. The particularly striking styling cue comes with its large 21-inch alloy wheels.

Unfortunately, we’re still awaiting official details on the future Koeru’s engine range. It is believed that the 2017 Mazda Koeru will have a number of four-cylinder units at its disposal. There will be both gasoline and diesel-powered options. We’ll be happy to share more details on this amazing vehicle as soon as they come to light.

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