2018 Dodge Journey Redesign

The complete redesign of the Dodge Journey SUV was expected already during the year 2016. 2017 model is supposed to be placed on a new platform. The vehicle should have received a revised layout, compared to the current model. However, FCA decided to 2018 Dodge Journey bring planned changes to the market, one year later. That is not about speculation, confirmed the official information regarding the date and place of production. In the case of Journey 2018, its production will start on 17 July 2017, in Toluca in Mexico.

2018 MY in US market will begin at the end of July 2017. Production of 2018 Dodge Journey will start, and more information should be known. So far, almost nothing is known about the new generation of this popular model. Why does the company do not hurry to alter this model? The reason is its great sales. Since 2007 when it was first released in the US market, to date, Journey SUV recorded a constant growth in sales. Last year sold 105,400 vehicles Journey, do not indicate the need for changing. Moreover, it seems that it should remain as it is. However, there will be a change. They are inevitable, and the FCA can hope that the numbers, and after the redesign will be the same or even greater.

2018 Dodge Journey redesign

2018 Dodge Journey Changes

The code of JC, carried by the current generation Dodge Journey will change. 2018 Dodge Journey will bring other marks because they will be placed on a new platform. It is CUSW platform, used by the Dodge Dart and Chrysler 200, the Jeep Cherokee. The biggest problem is information indicating the possible withdrawal Dart and 200 models from the market. Does this mean that even Journey could disappear forever? No. Unlike models that will borrow structural basis of the new generation of 2018 Journey SUV, redesign of this model is fully viable. This is the first and main reason why this model remains in the range FCA as an extremely sought after model in the US market.

As for the details regarding specifications, is available only a realistic assumption. It is related to a transmission of Journey 2,018 model. Most of the incoming new models FCA group, who have the drive to the front wheels, are equipped with the new fuel-efficient nine-speed automatic transmission. The current four-speed automatic, would be replaced. Customers would also be able to expect better EPA ratings of current, which is at 19 mpg city/26 highway. More information about the new generation Journey SUV, which will appear on the market as a 2018 Dodge Journey we should expected in the future.

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