2018 Ford Expedition Aluminum Redesign

Since the year 1996, replaced the Bronco model on the market, sales of Expedition SUV is constantly growing. Until last year, when not only the US market than the other, flooded small crossover SUVs models. The answer to this decline in interest, and return of full-size SUVs, Ford company prepares with the 2018 Ford Expedition. The changes that the new generation Expedition SUV brings to the market as early as next year, will be an integral part of the redesign of Lincoln Navigator SUV. Luxury version of the Expedition model is basically the same as the base model. For this reason, the new platform and aluminum parts can expect with sibling model.

2018 Ford Expedition Changes

2018 Ford Expedition is the next model in Ford’s lineup, which is subject to the process of light-weighting thanks to aluminum parts. Some sources say that in the case of 2018 Expedition SUV full weight of the vehicle will be reduced by 350 pounds. Expedition model is still a truck-based SUV, but the changes that marked a new generation F-150 models, the company will apply in this case.

2018 Ford Expedition redesign

Masked test specimens confirmed the link F-150 models, with the new Expedition. The front of the vehicle and the grille is almost identical. There are many more people who would like to see a more sophisticated model Expedition. However, the reasons are many. Save energy, lower weight, increased efficiency and better performance, are polished and slicked up front design.

In addition to the visual changes, no other has not been officially confirmed. Ford did not state that there will be a change of power units in either report. Although the change was quite a logical move. Withdrawal of the current V8 engines from 5.4 L in some way confirmed. For some reason, combined with the new engine, it is expected the ten-speed automatic transmission. 2018 Ford Expedition could be equipped with a 3.5 L V6 Ti-VCT twin-turbo engine. This engine develops 365 hp and 420 pounds of torque, with direct injection system, no doubt will offer greater fuel economy. Another possibility is very unlikely, when we talk about the new drives. It is a new hybrid system, the piece is speculation based on spy photos and a specially appointed exhaust system.

2018 Ford Expedition Hybrid, as a family-hauler, intended for the transport of 8 passengers, would be a hit. Part of its hybrid system could make up 3.5 L V6 EcoBoost engine.

All in all a lot of new  expected us at the new generation 2018 Ford Expedition model. The new design, platform, engine, drive. All changes lead to the same goal. Ford wants its full-size SUV model in front of the compact crossover models intended solely driving around town. Its EPA ratings are fantastic until the moment when big family decides to leave the city, carries a lot on holiday, and make a decision to travel half the USA just this month !!!

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