2018 Honda CR-V New Seven Seat SUV

The current model CR-V crossover going through a complete redesign. A prototype is already in the testing phase. The production model we can expect during the year 2017 as a model for the 2018. CR-V model was last passed through a facelift stage in 2015. 2018 Honda CR-V will be a representative of the fifth generation of this crossover. Changes that will mark a new generation slowly reduce long-standing gap between CR-V and Pilot models. Though belonging to different classes, Honda with those approaching, trying to return CR-V model, where it used to be. Compared to its competitors, Ford Escape and Toyota RAV4, 2016 years is not the most ideal for this model, at least for the sales results. Honda’s representative, with the help of the tenth generation Honda Civic, will try to remedy the situation.

2018 Honda CR-V Redesign Changes

Changes 2018 Honda CR-V are visible at a glance. It is expected a vehicle with larger dimensions than the current. 2018 CR-V adopted sportier look. There is larger, more aggressive front grille. New generation will have longer hood with no MPV elements. Forms of lighting groups are according to eyewitnesses borrowed from Acura models. In the spy photos unfortunately can not see the interior of the new model. We assume that the upgraded interior bar as to the quality of materials. Due to the expansion of supply, which refers to the 2018 CR-V model with a third row of seats, this generation will certainly be larger than the current.

New modular chassis, which has set the tenth-generation Honda Civic, will serve as the basis for the Honda CR-V SUV 2018. Recently redesigned Civic promises the possibility of adaptation of all-wheel drive system. Wheelbase  the current CR-V model is 103.1 inches. On the new platform, it will be enlarged to 106.3 inches. With tech offerings and bigger interior space, class leading fuel economy is the next aim of the new generation CR-V SUV to regain its former glory.

2018 Hnda CR-V redesign

2018 CR-V Hybrid and Specs

New platform and some design elements are not the only thing that has been downloaded from the Honda Civic model. Due to the chassis, it is assumed that the engine of the Civic sedan, run and CR-V. 1.5 L turbo petrol engine with four cylinders and 174 hp will be part of the standard, the base package. Although with this engine, the Civic soon offers a six-speed manual transmission, it will not be offered in the case of CR-V model. The only option will be a CVT. Another offer may be 2.4 L engine with four cylinders. This drive unit disposes of 185 hp and 181 lb-ft of torque. Plug-in Hybrid model was also announced by the company. 2018 Honda CR-V Plug-in Hybrid will be equipped with a powertrain composed of a 2.0 L four cylinder gas engine and at least two electric motors.

Price of Honda CR-V 2018

The only segment that the company did not comment on is the price of the new CR-V model. Given that the offer will find 2018 Honda CR-V Three-row SUV, it can not be expected that the price will remain unchanged from the current model. If until now, the CR-V SUV could buy at prices ranging from $ 24,645 to $ 34,295, a new generation will definitely push the limits upward.

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