2018 Toyota 4Runner Redesign and Release

By the end of 2017, Toyota will present and offer the next generation of its popular 4Runner SUV crossover model. Due to its rugged design and dependable engine, 4Runner attracts a certain type of clientele. Although the number of such customers is at satisfactory level, Toyota has decided to offer something new. Coming, the new 2018 Toyota 4Runner with a certain amount of change and the altered design.

Due to the excellent sales results of the current generation model, which is on the market since 2009, the company will be careful when the change the quantity of the new model in question. Exactly unique design and off-road style are what make this model popular and selling well. Another factor is the good sales results and offer a version with TRD Pro software package. With the new Tundra and Tacoma pickup model, and since 2018 4Runner will continue to be offered and enhanced in this release.


2018 Toyota 4Runner Changes

We have already mentioned the unique design, which is characteristic for this mid-size SUV. This makes it different from most competing models in the segment. There are indications that the 2018 model will take the same path as the Toyota FJ Cruiser. No official confirmation, but it is certain that the 2018 Toyota 4Runner expect certain changes in all aspects.

Like the rest of Toyota’s model lineup, the new 4Runner will fit in the seven-year plan of the company, changes in the outside design. These changes should make it improve aerodynamics, the modernization of the front grille and new design front and rear light panel. With all this, it should be expected to offer a new range of exterior colors.

We have already stressed that superfluous changes could have a negative connotation. Probably, just for that reason, to major changes will not come. The new 4Runner remains the same size and similar characteristics as the previous model. In the meantime, appeared information about the future model as a seven seat SUV. This information is not confirmed. It is assumed that the chances of something very small. According to all indications, 2018 Toyota 4Runner will be a modernized and enhanced version of the current model.

2018 Toyota 4Runner Specs and Price

What did the new model demanded and popular, is a change or improvement of existing powertrain. 4.0-liter V6 engine, which is located under the hood of the current model, makes it one of the most not-efficient in its class (17 city/21 hwy MPG). However, this engine provides plenty of power and excellent off-road capability, that makes the this model and famous.

As a new option for the 2018 model mentioned atmospheric 3.5-liter V6 engine with 300 horsepower and 290 pound-feet of torque. Still, many would like to keep the current unit, because of its reliability. Certainly, the introduction of new power units could cause a change of previous five-speed manual transmission. With the possible changes and improvement of powertrain standard version, and TRD Pro version would be significantly enhanced. In the opinion of many, this improvement would do the new 2018 Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro, much more advanced and better than the current version.

2018 Toyota 4Runner should be available at the same price as the current model. This means that the base version will be available for about $ 33,000 and while the price for the best equipped Limited version will be about $ 41,000.

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