2018 VW Atlas The New SUV on US Market

2018 VW Atlas is the name of the new seven seat SUV model of this German car manufacturer. American public will be the first with him to meet the 27 October 2016 in California. Than will be its premiere. For the rest of the audience,  the world premiere is scheduled for November 2016 and the LA Auto Show. Following the announcement from Volkswagen, Atlas SUV is designed and intended primarily to customers in the US market.

The news of the arrival of the new VW SUV, is not new. In fact, for a long time is expected to go on sale find a new SUV based on Concept CrossBlue model. 2018 Atlas is precisely this model. It is an indication that the future model will carry the name of VW Teramont. This would complete the offer in the crossover SUV segment of the company. ”T”will start with in the name. However, the company decided on much easier to pronounce the name of the vehicle. Many agree that the VW Atlas more appropriate name for a car destined to US customers.

2018 VW Atlas has a very difficult task ahead of him. It is known that the company, still, shaken by ”Dieselgate” scandals in the USA. It is this model needs to regain the confidence of the American public and customers to the company. Thus, the name “Atlas” excellent metaphor for a new beginning and the challenges that await him. Besides all this, the very structure of the vehicle, its features and style, are adapted to American customers.

2018 VW Atlas Design

This new VW seven pasenger is set to VW MQB platform. The design and external appearance of the vehicle reflect more familiar look CrossBlue Concept model, which was launched in 2013 in Detroit. After the introduction of this concept was followed by many of displaying different versions of the same concept. All in order to promote future production model. Now, after almost 4 years, premiere of the new model is closer.


Since new VW Atlas SUV will be the company’s largest model in the crossover SUV segment. Its dimensions exceed the dimensions of the Touareg model, which is currently the largest in the VW lineup. Nonetheless, VW Touareg remains a flagship model. The third row of seats and increased dimensions do not mean the high price of the vehicle. The company emphasizes that the price of the vehicle will be accessible, and that Atlas SUV will be fierce competitor, already proven, Ford Explorer, Toyota Highlander and Honda Pilot models.

New Atlas SUV Specs

For now, there is no more official information related to what awaits us under the hood this newcomers. Bringing it in connection with the VW Concept CrossBlue model, it can be expected 3.6-liter V6 engine with 280-horsepower and all-wheel-drive system. In addition to this possibility, noting the 4-cylinder 2.0-liter turbo petrol unit. Until premiere time is short, so we will wait for more information. The first specimens should occur more at the beginning of 2017 at dealerships throughout the United States.

Finally, it should be noted that the 2018 VW Atlas is not the only thing that German car manufacturer has to offer American customers in the SUV segment. By 2020 it is expected truck based SUV, based on the VW Amarok pickup model. And this model will be a 7-seater. Then, the plan is fully electric SUV model, as well as two new crossover models, which will be housed below the Tiguan models.

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