2018 VW Golf SUV High Expectations

Auto companies have invested a lot in creating exceptional product lineups. Several brands like the Volkswagen are taking lead of the pack. The German Automakers Golf lineup is a good example. We have seen several new wheels unveiled. The recent Golf R Variant which debuted in Los Angeles in 2014. SUV market sales are one of the industry’s prime drivers today. Reports confirm that the company is working on the new generation 2018 VW Golf SUV which will be unveiled in 2017. 

2018 VW Golf SUV

The elegant silhouette of the Volkswagen Golf has not changed much over the past four decades. High-end finishing touches and a frugal efficiency for fuel make it worth going for. Engineers at Volkswagen are working round the clock to come up with an SUV bearing the Golf badge. The vehicle will be suitable for muddy terrain while still blend in with Cross Golf terrain. Rather than abandon the Golfs iconic style, Wolfsburg will deliver more with cutting edge technology. The end product is the much hyped and anticipated 2018 VW Golf SUV. The Golf SUV will come in two sizes at the wheelbase. The version which will be unveiled in Europe will be medium. America and China will get the larger versions. Generally the vehicle is an update on the MQB modular platform. Car experts describe it to be a blend of both hardcore and dainty.

2018 VW Golf SUV

An Advanced Off-Road Capability

The Volkswagen will not be one of those hardcore off-road vehicles. However, it has excellent off-road features. Notable changes from predecessor models are 4Motion AWD, all-season tires on the large diameter wheels, stacked suspensions with protection from their front and rear underbellies. Present are flared arches and sill extensions, roof railings, auxiliary driving lights, off-road and on-demand modes with control on hill descent. Off-road navigation memory to prevent you from getting lost while in foreign terrain exist too. Advanced shock absorbers which possess extra-compliance on off-roads. The SUV has a bigger fuel tank.

Engine Capabilities and Gear Box

A plug-in hybrid version will be released too. The Golf SUV technology will resemble its Golf GTE counterpart. 150 bhp 1.4-liter TSI engine and a 102 bhp E-motor. The latter generates power output worth 204bhp not forgetting its meagre 35g/km carbon emission footprint. The conventionally powered vehicles’ designs are frugal too in their energy consumption. Combined power output at over 150 horsepower drive it. Due to its tall stance, present are inferior aerodynamics, a dual-clutch seven speed, Blu-emotion Technologies transmission fitted with coasting mode transmission. The top speed is estimated at 155mph. Cylinder deactivation with a state of the art start-stop system which resigns the engine well before the vehicles grinds to a halt. This advanced features are responsible for the suppressed fuel demand.

2018 VW Golf SUV Release Date

The Golf SUV shares a similar platform with the Golf MK8. The car once availed will be distributed across China, Europe and the NAFTA member countries. The Vehicle is expected to be unveiled in 2018, same time its MK8 counterpart debuts. It’s estimated to retail at $35,000. Industry experts anticipate it to be a huge hit. Volkswagen view the SUV as a forward leap towards achieving its ambitious sales goals.

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