2020 Porsche Baby Macan SUV

The statistics speak in favor of, that company Porsche is not what it used to be. Sports two seater until recently had been its trademark. Porsche now sells more Cayenne SUVs than 911, Panamera or Boxter models. SUVs are definitely what the market is looking for and what customers want. For this reason, on the market is coming smallest SUV from Porsche model lineup, now known as the 2020 Porsche Baby Macan SUV. Plans for the model, which journalists call and Majun (Macan Junior), it will cause the appearance of the entry-level model. In this case it is Project 551 which will slot under the Boxter.

2020 Porsche Baby Macan SUV Specs and News

As some German sources claim, Porsche will first show 2020 Baby SUV Macan, as a concept. If in two years the concept was introduced, not long after that would start with production of this model. Wishes of the company are still unrealistic because there is no model on the market that could serve as a base.

2020 Porsche Baby Macan SUV render

Although nobody has ever commented that the Macan model large, 2020 Porsche Baby Macan SUV will be considerably smaller than Macan SUV. There is a high possibility that the smallest SUV carry the name Porsche Majun. This smaller SUV will have more aggressive styling cues than Macan model. Simply because it is smaller, this model can not make a big profit for the manufacturer of. It can be expected only from large models.

One more thing will significantly affect the cost of production 2020 Porsche Baby Macan SUV. The company wants that this vehicle has a standard rear-wheel drive. New, small SUV with RWD is an additional charge for no platform and no model in the VW Group can not serve as the basis for the development of this project.

With drive unit in the form of four-cylinder turbo engine with 180 hp, 210 hp and 240 hp, mentioned possible price of around 40,000 euros for the base model. The vehicle could be offered with a manual or automatic transmission, with an optional drive to all four wheels. For now, this is very little, and not so precise definition of the smallest SUV in the Porsche family. 2020 Porsche Baby SUV, Baby Macan SUV or Majun, will certainly be a worthy holder of the Porsche logo and a representative of of its brand.

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