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2017 Lincoln MKT or New Aviator SUV

2017 Lincoln MKT redesign

If every brand met all the requirements and wishes of the owner of their vehicle on the market to give a real mess. There are always those who complain of the models that have ceased to produce. The same, their grief often turn into almost convincing publication to reproduce the same. The latest news about the return of the Lincoln Aviator SUV model lineup, may, and does not have to be gossip. All interested in the 2017 Lincoln MKT, as well as second generation, the news of the return Aviator SUV were not greeted nicely. The reason is clear. By the end of this decade Lincoln Aviator could replace MKT SUV in the offer. Model who in 2005 stopped being produced at once gets a chance for his return. The current Lincoln MKT from 2013 did not change the outer appearance, nor is upgraded interior. Some might wonder, is not it easier to modernize MKT SUV, but rather to raise from the ashes Aviator model?

2018 Lincoln Navigator New Generation

2018 Lincoln Navigator Redesign

Sometimes sibling models indicate the directions in which are developing their more or less luxurious versions. In the case of a new generation Lincoln Navigator, should be considered a complete redesign of the Ford Expedition. 2018 Lincoln Navigator expected on the market during 2017, but you should always take the possibility of delay. Given the quantity of change that will bring a new generation, maybe the audience is presented and the 2019 Lincoln Navigator.

2017 Lincoln MKX

2017 Lincoln MKX price

The 2017 Lincoln MKX will come only a year after the second generation of this crossover made its global debut. As part of the company’s efforts to enter the Chinese market, the MKX was the brand’s first model ever to be launched outside the US. However, it seems that Lincoln’s redesigned crossover has what it takes to become successful on other markets as well. As for the 2017 model, it is expected to arrive without any substantial changes.

2017 Lincoln MKC Release Date

2017 Linkoln MKC Redesign

Lincoln’s compact crossover is a relatively fresh model that made its debut in 2013 for the 2014 MY. Now, the 2017 Lincoln MKC is due to undergo a mid-cycle update that should help it to remain competitive in this rapidly expanding segment. There will be several subtle changes of the exterior and certain innovations inside the 2017 model.

2016 Lincoln MKX Release Date and Price

2016 Lincoln MKX price

The Lincoln MKX concept was first unveiled at the 2014 Beijing auto show. It was the first time this American automaker premiered one of its models outside the US. The decision came as part of the company’s efforts to establish itself on other world markets. The arrival of the all-new MKX isn’t that surprising considering the fact that the premium crossover SUV segment is expanding at an incredible rate. However, the second-generation MKX is facing yet another problem, namely the pricing policy. Its sibling, the Ford Edge, is considerably cheaper while offering the same performance figures. On the other hand, it’s needless to mention the similarly priced Japanese and European luxury SUV competition. So, the 2016 Lincoln MKX will have to offer a competitive price as well as high performance and luxury in the same package.

2017 Lincoln Navigator New generation of the luxury SUV

2017 Lincoln Navigator redesign

The current Lincoln Navigator belongs to the luxury SUV segment but its design is mostly viewed as outdated. Recently updated 2015 model is simply not able to cope with its premium competition on the US market. Other full-size SUVs have been significantly enhanced lately in order to retain their market shares amid this relentless race. That said, it’s no wonder that the American automaker is currently developing the redesigned 2017 Lincoln Navigator. It is set to arrive in 2016 with a large number of exterior and interior changes. The company’s plan is to try to restore some of the Navigator’s former glory by transforming it into a sleek modern full-size SUV. The upcoming Navigator will mark the beginning of a brand new generation of this vehicle.

2016 Lincoln MKC Review

2016 Lincoln MKC review

The 2016 Lincoln MKC is expected to be released by the end of 2015. Having spent less than a year on the market, this compact crossover is not likely to bring any groundbreaking changes. We expect to see only minimal cosmetic tweaks at best. The Lincoln MKC is based on Ford’s global C platform which underpins the Ford Escape SUV, its less expensive sibling. The MKC SUV came as a breath of fresh air when it comes to Lincoln’s design philosophy. This new approach actually started with the second generation of the MKZ model.