Mercedes-Benz GLB SUV Release Date

Next new model of the Mercedes which is expected on the market until the end of 2017 is the GLB SUV. German manufacturer has protected this label, and the testing of prototype vehicles began several weeks ago. Mercedes-Benz GLB will be the sixth model in the company’s SUV range. will be located between GLA and GLC models on offer. The Mercedes claim that the new model will not pose a threat to other company models.

Regular version of the Mercedes-Benz GLB model will be available to customers in about a year from now. This would mean that we expect or 2017 Mercedes GLB or 2018 Mercedes GLB model. AMG versions, however, can not be expected before 2019 MY, when it will complete the offer will arrive on the US market.

Mercedes-Benz GLB testing mule

Mercedes-Benz GLB Specs and Design

The evolution of the current Modular Front-wheel drive Architecture is at 2017 GLB SUV in the form of MFA2 platform. The new, MFA2 platform will bring weight savings, and greater capacity for alternative drivetrains. In addition to different structures, GLB will still differ in many ways from GLA model. 2017 Mercedes GLB will have a different design solution of the younger and smaller brother. GLB will be more spacious and practical than the GLA SUV, which is in the more fashionable crossover segment.

In the new model, the company has decided to focus on being more spacious cabin. It will also have a larger trunk model of GLA SUV. The biggest impact on the appearance of Mercedes-Benz GLB SUV will have the legendary G-Class vehicles. This model will offer a much better off-road capability of GLA models. It is assumed that regardless of the new platform, 2017 GLB SUV will be offered with the option of a drive to all four wheels.

In addition to the company Mercedes, and Infiniti will use MFA2 platform for a new generation of its compact SUV models. Both vehicles will be manufactured in factories in Europe, China and Mexico.

New 2017 Mercedes SUV will use engines with four cylinders and turbo chargers. Of this type will be gasoline and diesel engines. Diesel engines of smaller capacity will be downloaded from the company Renault. The biggest rivals of the GLB new SUV, will be the BMW X1, Audi Q3 and Range Rover Evoque.

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