Smart SUV Entered Serial Production until 2020

The idea of offering the new Smart model in the SUV segment, is over a decade old. In fact, the automaker, which is owned by Mercedes-Benz company, has long expressed a desire to introduce the small SUV models in its offer. However, this idea did not come to life, and the idea of a Smart SUV was abandoned even in 2005. Meanwhile, the crossover SUV segment is in remarkable expansion, and thus conceived vehicles ruling the automotive market. For this reason, the car manufacturer, once again, raises the question of supply of its SUV models.

A hint of the seriousness of intentions of the company, confirmed the statement Daimler manager Katharina Beck. She said: “Never say never. We’ll see what the future brings, we are open to new things. I think we need to think outside the box. There are a variety of opportunities and we must take advantage of. Eyes always kept open. “

Confirmation of the possibility of supply Smart SUV model has arrived, with another address. Namely, 2015, at the Motor Show in Shanghai, boss Mercedes-Benz company, Dr.Dieter Zetsche hinted this possibility. He said that, if the offer Smart brand is expanded, it will definitely be a SUV model. Thus, the Smart brand had a representative on this attractive market.


Smart SUV Design and Specs

2012 was presented, Smart ForStars Concept. At that time started up again speculation about Smart SUV model. Precisely on this concept, should be based production model. Considering that the demand for small, urban crossover and SUV models, increasingly bigger, this is an expected move by the company. According to available information, the production model is expected by the end of this decade. Of course, it will precede the concept and pre-production versions of the model.

According to people from the company, new SUV will be practical and easy to handle urban model, as well as other Smart models. Emphasis will be placed on the functionality in urban areas. The space inside the vehicle and the trunk volume in the background.

Available information suggests offer the same aggregate, such as are found in other Smart models. These are 3-cylinder power unit, with and without turbochargers. Given the trend of environmental protection, we should expect an electric version of the Smart SUV model. The laws are becoming stricter, and the company believe that there is nothing better than an electric urban vehicle.

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