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2017 Lincoln MKT or New Aviator SUV

2017 Lincoln MKT redesign

If every brand met all the requirements and wishes of the owner of their vehicle on the market to give a real mess. There are always those who complain of the models that have ceased to produce. The same, their grief often turn into almost convincing publication to reproduce the same. The latest news about the return of the Lincoln Aviator SUV model lineup, may, and does not have to be gossip. All interested in the 2017 Lincoln MKT, as well as second generation, the news of the return Aviator SUV were not greeted nicely. The reason is clear. By the end of this decade Lincoln Aviator could replace MKT SUV in the offer. Model who in 2005 stopped being produced at once gets a chance for his return. The current Lincoln MKT from 2013 did not change the outer appearance, nor is upgraded interior. Some might wonder, is not it easier to modernize MKT SUV, but rather to raise from the ashes Aviator model?